Hi! My name is Kara. (Kim is my middle name.) I'm 19. I'm from Trinidad, in the Caribbean. You can follow me on Twitter: @kim_kara

My favorite people in the world are Azita Ghanziada, Rose McGowan, Shannen Doherty, Holly Marie Combs, Alyssa Milano, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Julianne Hough, Emily Deschanel, Stana Katic, Cobie Smulders, Maggie Lawson, Piper Perabo, Emily Rose, Alona Tal, Joanne Kelly, Bridget Regan and Kristin Kreuk. I Skyped with Bridget Regan once and it was the best day of my life.

Azita Ghanizada said I am the best, cutest, kindest girl in the world. ♥

"You love someone, you open yourself up to suffering; that’s the sad truth. Maybe they’ll break your heart; maybe you’ll break their heart and never be able to look at yourself in the same way. Those are the risks. You see two people and think they belong together, but nothing happens. The thought of losing so much control over personal happiness is unbearable. That’s the burden. Like wings, they have weight, we feel that weight on out backs, but they are a burden that lifts us. Burdens that allow us to fly." 


31st October 2013

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Happy Birthday Piper! ♥♥♥

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